Friday, February 5, 2010

Mission Tiger : Save Our Tigers !!!!

A cute cub of tiger is waiting for her mother to return from hunting as it is hungry and thirsty. But little fact it knows that her mother might not even return! Why? Because, there are chances that she would be killed by humans. What happens to the cub then? The imagination itself is heart breaking.

Why should we save tigers?

Tigers are on the threshold of extinction. The world is abuzz with news, views and moves in a bid to save the Tiger. With just 1411 left in India as per the last count?the government is tense on how to save the national animal.

India has lost more than 50 per cent of its tiger population in the past five years.

First two weeks of the year 2010 brought bad news yet again for the Tiger lovers. The three tiger deaths sent warning bells among the Tiger conservationists.


According to the Wildlife Protection Society of India, there have been 84 tiger deaths, by both natural and poaching causes, in 2009-10. From around 40,000 at the turn of the last century, there are just 1411 tigers left in India, wildlife experts say tigers could be extinct in 20 years.

It is time we all started a serious campaign to save this majestic animal from extinction. There are many people who are already doing every bit for this cause, one such blogger is Aman from Jabalpur... check out his blog Save The Tigers

Extinction of tigers has been a global issue for long now, but the latest population census of this beautiful animal in India has left everyone including actor Abhishek Bachchan shocked. The actor rightfully raises his voice and shows his concern.

Abhishek says, “There are only 1,411 (one thousand four hundred eleven) tigers left in India. It’s shocking. We must do something.”

After Abhishek Bachchan, who recently showed his concern to save tigers, it is the turn of the lovely Lara Dutta, to show her empathy towards the cause. Lara has come forward to raise her voice against the big cats’ extinction.

Lara says, “It’s sad to see the extinction of tigers in India. What are we waiting for; for the numbers to reduce from 1411 to 14? Is that when we will act? I think it’s high time we should do something about it. It’s better late than never.”


Lara and Abhishek are the latest entrants in save tigers cause. Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan, John Abraham, Kareena Kapoor, Preity Zinta and Farhan Akhtar, sportsmen Rahul Dravid and Rajyavardhan Rathore have been quite active in the campaign to save tigers. In fact, John is producing a documentary movie on preservation of tigers titled ‘The Return Of The Tiger’ to be directed by internationally renowned filmmaker Mike Pandey.

Save Our Tigers . Just 1411 tigers left in India. Save our national animal .

(Click here to join a Roar)

According to WWF :-

“Tiger hunting was officially banned only after the enactment of the Wildlife (Protection) Act in 1972. Today increasing biotic disturbances, uncontrolled poaching of prey, urbanization, mining and quarrying; and poaching of tiger for its body parts gravely threaten the future of the tiger. Bones and other body parts of the tigers are used in Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) and their skins are used for making Chubas( the traditional robe worn by the Tibetans). It is this illegal market for tiger skins and parts in China and Tibet that remains as one of the most serious threat to wild tiger populations in India.”

Click on the link to view the Tiger Reserves in India.

What are the Indian and international laws that protect tigers?

Indian Tiger is an endangered animal and is listed in the Schedule I of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972. This act gives it protection against hunting/poaching and trade for skins, bones and body parts. Any person who commits such an offence is punishable with an imprisonment of not less than three years extending up to seven years along with a fine of not less than fifty thousand rupees which may extend up to two lakh rupees. In the event of a second or subsequent conviction he can receive imprisonment for a term of not less than seven years and a fine which shall be not less than five lakh rupees and can vary up to a maximum of fifty lakh rupees.

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) presently ratified by over 160 countries, makes international trade in tiger parts illegal. India has been a signatory of this convention since the year 1975.

Can you help?

Yes, you can help save the tiger. Say ‘NO’ to tiger trade by refusing to buy tiger parts and items prepared from tiger derivatives. Speak to tiger and wild ungulate poachers and persuade them to give up poaching. You can also contribute by spreading awareness about tiger conservation issues and threats and also by supporting NGOs that work towards the same. Most importantly you must support green development initiatives to help restore the forest cover and reduce biotic pressures. To know more about how you can support WWF-India in their tiger conservation initiatives please visit

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

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Save Trees Save Environment, Save Paper, Use Mobile.

Every year thousands of trees are ruthlessly felled all over the world. Just to satisfy man’s never ending greed! In today’s world, paper has become indispensable. We wake up in the morning just to be greeted by the morning newspaper. Little bits of paper are useful to jot down small notes. Kids extensively use notebooks to do their homework. you can see…There’s paper, paper and paper everywhere!! Is there not a solution to this never ending problem??

“Of course! We have a solution!!”, claim IDEA in their latest advertisement. The solution is simple enough! Use your IDEA mobile phone instead of paper. So, we have a middle aged man reading the newspaper online, a waiter at a hotel typing the menu in his mobile and a passenger showing a soft copy of his boarding pass!!

That’s not all, IDEA is trying to show us how a paper – less world would be. So, you have university students attending their graduation ceremony, holding mobile phones displaying their certificates. A group of musicians replacing their standard song book with a mobile phone having the musical notes. A clerk at the judge typing out the judgment rather than writing it.

The ad of course features IDEA’s brand ambassador Abhishek Bachhan as a tree!! read it right

He dissuades a woodcutter from felling the tree and thanks to his idea, everybody starts using IDEA mobile and start saving paper.

The makers of this ad must definitely appreciated for launching this unique campaign. Great going team IDEA, hope to see more creative ads from you in future!

What a great Idea sirji!!!!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hi everyone! It's my first blog post, be gentle.

Well, i've finally got my blog started, so welcome to my world!

This is my first installment of my blog. My own Blog. As blogging is a powerful tool for the celebrities to grow up their fan following... , for the companies to explore thier business.... and for people like me... to grow up friends following.
Whats the first step of blogging......
Let me Introduce myself....

Hi anyone who read this......

I am NEERAJ 18 years old college student in lucknow. Non-religious and Non-political .... a very simple guy.... well I never thought I would write a Blog - but then again I never thought I'd be a Tweeter or have my own website or any of that stuff. I'm bit like that with technology! I blow hot and cold.
The world of technology and networking is such an ever-changing riot of possibility and change that it is difficult to resist.

To prepare myself, I have looked at other's blogs. I have been impressed by some of the blogs that I have seen out there whether they are plemical.

Anyway one of my net friend gave up with a great suggestion: A blog.
'My first thought: A blog? Me? No way, get out of here. How am I ever going to fill a Blog... with virtually the same daily routines behind these walls.'
"So I woke up in bad mood this morning, too much to do like usual, not enough sleep like always. I grabbed a cup of tea and sat down to feed breakfast............and so on..........bla bla bla!!!!"

When I am thinking ... :-? I realize that a blog is an excellent medium and solution to keep all of you.... up to date of my situation.
Recent news, Personal thoughts and experiences, and especially for the weather that will keep on changing every now and then.
so... I think now its enough for my first installments...... and i also dont know the dew date of second Installments ..hoping it will be come soon....

Well, dear friends. That's it for this time..... dont forget to give your comment.....

feel free to mail me......

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